Due to the increasing competition from Iow-wage countries, the management of Datelnet B.V. decided in 2000 to establish a data processing office in Adana, Turkey. As location Adana was chosen as this is the city where Mr. Zeynel Güder grew up before coming over to The Netherlands in the early seventies.

After successfully finishing a huge data conversion project (from analogue to digital) for the regional power grid operator Edon (nowadays Essent-Enexis), it was decided to continue with outsourcing digitalization work to Turkey. In 2002 Datelnet B.V. was bought by Imtech N.V. and in succession became part of Imtech Telekom B.V., Imtech Infra Data B.V. and Imtech Traffic & Infra B.V. As the focus of Imtech became more and more on providing technical services but outsourcing the digitalization work, a management buy-out by Mr. Zeynel Güder of only the processing office in Adana became effective in 2009.

The company became independent and renamed into Engineering Support Center Ltd.

As various frame-work contracts with third parties were still ongoing/pending and as Imtech was also in need of digitalization capacity by a processing office providing high quality services at competitive rates, the continuation was guaranteed by setting up a long-term business cooperation between Imtech Traffic & Infra B.V. and ESC Ltd. After prolongation of this cooperation two times, in September 2014, the cooperation was ended enabling ESC to directly offer their services to prospects and clients.

This new approach fits more in the vision of ESC of becoming an independent partner for multiple companies who are looking for reliable and high quality digitisation and engineering services offered by ESC.