150 KV Gas Insulated Substation, Velsen
  • Engineering and drawing work for the secondary installation for 2 fields of the new 150 kV GIS installation.These two fields connect the new 150 kV GIS installation with the existing 150 kV ABB installation
  • Primary construction of the fields consisting of, rail A and B, circuit breaker, earthers, separators and measurement transformers.
  • The secondary activities consist of the engineering and drawing work in Elcad for the combi cabinets. Combi cabinets covers the spesifications below;
    • Field control system, VBS
    • 1st and 2nd differential protection devices as cable protection
    • Maximum current-time security
    • Rail security
    • SRBV backup protection switch
    • Transfer of controls, reports and trips to the other side, ABB fields via glass and copper.

Project Details

Project 150 KV Gas Insulated Substation, Velsen

Volume 2 Fields