CNS Modular Building

CNS modular building next to 6218 cjsotf: Design for a new reinforced concrete frame facility including all connections for electrical, communications, water and sanitary sewer to make this facility complete and usable. Electrical design includes dry type transformer complete with cooling fan, new transformer protection panelboard complete with strobe-horn and UPS for 2 hours operation ; standby generator for new building ; new duplex 220V power outlets, main power panel, sub power panelboards complete with new grounding, surge protection devices and power meters; new 12 strand single mode fiber optic (FO) cable , main copper telephone cable; new addressable fire alarm detection and MNS system complete with speaker, strobe, pull station, detector, LOC, Knox box, document box,
graphic annunciator.

Project Details

Project CNS Modular Building

Volume 480m2