Conceptual City Projects, Seyhan

Seyhan is a district-municipality in the Adana Province of Turkey, core of the Adana urban area. Seyhan is home to 35 percent of the residents of Adana Province and almost half of the residents of the city of Adana. It is the fifth most populous metropolitan district in Turkey.

Concept project designs were made for 36 neighbourhoods belonging to Seyhan Municipality. During the design phase of concept projects; The texture, social and cultural situation of the city has been taken into consideration. However design functionality and aesthetics are prioritized and mostly planned to be used by the public .There are many different building designs such as social residences, workshops, car parks, micro industrial site, concert area, amphitheatre, sports complexes, condolence houses, closed neighbourhood markets, swimming pools. BIM method was used for all these studies.

Project Details

Project Conceptual City Projects, Seyhan

Volume 36 neighbourhoods