National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

An 18-story glass tower with offices and laboratories rises up at the Utrecht Science Park.The building is energy efficient in various ways. The cooling, heating and lighting do not cause any CO2 emissions, because they use the power supplied by a wind turbine. As we are ESC team proud to be part of electrical design but not limited with only power distribution of project . It also includes CCTV, Communication, Fire Alarm system. All these electrical systems are designed with coordination of construction site.

Project Details

Project The Netherlands National Institute
for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)


  • Approx 70,000 m2 floor area, excluding parking and bike sheds
  •  of which approx 17,000 m2 for laboratories
  • 2,200 employees
  • 1,675 workstations and flexible workstations
  • 80 metre-high building, 18 floors
  • approx 144 workstations and 19 informal meeting areas per floor
  • 40 laboratories